BAMA Teknoloji has been conducting its projects with a patent consultant and a quality consultant
since the day it was established.

The company continues to come up with new products and new ideas. Conducting detailed patent
research always plays a crucial role in our processes to learn about existing technologies, not to
contradict currently protected beliefs and to protect original ideas.

BAMA Teknoloji is aware of the importance of patented products with authentic design and high
added value in the rapid growth of the company, therefore all processes from idea to product certification
are carried out by the ISO 13485 standard, and the relevant medical standards are observed in all the designs.

In the medical field where it is inevitable to work together with the medical doctors, we use them
The opportunity for interdisciplinary work to develop excellent skills in our company. To facilitate
information sharing, anticipate possible problems and only benefit from the laboratory equipment in
the medical institutions, the experience we have acquired both individually and institutionally is very
promising especially in the field of biomechanics.

With our commitment to work in the field we want to operate, our structure suitable for fast decision-
making and our excitement about the new designs, our future objective is to complete and ensure the
sustainability of our R&D projects by satisfying specified requirements, continue to create new
models in the field of biomechanics and develop new methods and devices.