• ASTAR Physiotechnology has been active in the field of design and production of medical products since 1995. ASTAR products include electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, light therapy, vacuum therapy and shock wave therapy devices. The products of the Poland based company are widely used throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The therapy devices produced by ASTAR Pysiotechnology are offered throughout Turkey by BAMA Healthcare as their distributor.
  • GLOBUS is an Italy based company active in the field of electrical stimulation devices, athlete health and performance evaluation products. The company has been conducting scientific research since 1983 and developing the most advanced technologies in its field by Italy and USA based research units. Electrical stimulation devices produced by GLOBUS are used in the fields of health, rehabilitation, sports and aesthetics. Leading GLOBUS technologies are now offered throughout Turkey by BAMA Healthcare as their distributor.
  • MSD Europe is specialized in the distribution of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports and
    fitness products. MSD Europe products including many famous brands are now offered in
    Turkey with the guarantee of Bama Healthcare.
  • AC International offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation products with more than 40 years of experience. AC International distributes products from well-known brands worldwide, offers state-of-the-art products with a combination of scientific research, high technology and modern design. AC International products preferred all over the world are now offered throughout Turkey by BAMA Healthcare as their distributor.
  • Cosmogamma is an Italy based company working on the design and production of electronic
    physiotherapy devices since 1973. Today, thousands of healthcare professionals, hospitals
    and prestigious private physical therapy centers offer healthcare services with Cosmogamma
    products around the world. Please contact Bama Healthcare, the Cosmogamma distributor in
    Turkey, for Cosmogamma products.
  • Technomex products including hydrotherapy devices, ergotherapy and rehabilitation tables, kinesiology equipment are preferred by thousands of hospitals in 54 countries. Technomex products are designed to offer the fastest recovery to the patient and enable the therapist to operate as easy as possible. For products designed and produced by Technomex with over 30 years of experience please contact BAMA Healthcare as their distributor in Turkey.
  • BAMA Healthcare is the distributor of the Mambo Max products in Turkey including exercise, rehabilitation and massage equipment. Mambo Max products include devices for balance exercises, hand exercises and massage.