Counterweight Treadmill System

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VisioGait®, the Partial Weight Transfer Gait Therapy Device, is an innovative product, a medical device developed and manufactured by BAMA Teknoloji in Turkey. VisioGait® is a rehabilitation concept specially designed by taking into account the lost functions that occur in patients in the SVO (cerebrovascular event) rehabilitation.

The product offers a comfortable and safe gait therapy environment and a visual infrastructure that makes the sessions more focused and fun.
VisioGait® is equipped with sensors for continuous monitoring of joint positions and weight distribution of the patient. Information collected from the sensors is used in a Visual Motivation System (VMS) software developed specifically for rehabilitation. Thus, it enables the patient to perform the tasks with body movements motivated by the animation shown on the monitor placed in front of the patient.

Outstanding features:

  • Monitoring and interaction of joint positions
  • Center of gravity monitoring
  • Load sharing monitoring
  • Very low-speed treadmill
  • Repositionable Screen (VMS)
  • Gait parameter monitoring
  • Various difficulty and intensity levels
  • Remotely updatable software infrastructure
  • Wide user scale including pediatric and adult patient groups

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