Locomotor Therapy System

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RoboGait® is an advanced gait system that offers the patient a natural physiological gait pattern through a computer controlled robotic orthosis. While the traditional treatment has been performed by two or three physiotherapists with parallel bars and a method that requires absolute power, now an effective treatment can be performed by a single user thanks to the robotic rehabilitation systems.

  • What are the benefits of RoboGait?
RoboGait is a robot-assisted gait therapy device used to accelerate the treatment process to regain and improve the walking ability. In the therapy performed with RoboGait, it is aimed to achieve the typical gait pattern of the lower limb, to transfer weight in a controlled manner and to activate the neuronal pathway. The visual motivation system creates a plasticity effect.


  • Which patients are suitable for RoboGait, who can benefit from the device?
It is suitable for patients with orthopedic and neuronal disorders such as hemiplegia, paraplegia, CP, CVE, Parkinson, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, hip arthroplasty, and prosthesis after amputation.


  • Which patients cannot use the device?
RoboGait is not suitable for use in cases of hypertension, hypotension, severe osteoporosis, new CVE, patients with no tilted table experience, patients with circulatory problems, pregnant women or women suspected to be pregnant, patients with acute lower extremity disproportion, severe athetoid conditions.


  • Is there a height and weight limit?

Maximum weight: 140 kg

Maximum height: 200 cm


  • Is a separate apparatus required for pediatric patients?

No, it is not required. It is possible to treat both adult and pediatric patients with a single orthosis.


  • Is there an age limit for children?
No, there is not. Any patient in the appropriate profile with a femur length of 20 cm and above can be treated with the device.


  • Is the treatment with RoboGait provide full recovery?
Robot-assisted gait therapy is part of other treatments performed on the patient. It is aimed to help the treatment based on the patient’s condition. Periodic evaluations are made to get maximum efficiency for the patient.


  • Is there a recommended session time?
Minimum 20 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes is recommended.


  • How many patients can be treated in one day?
A maximum of 16 patients can be treated based on the office hours of the center and the session durations.


  • Is there a maximum daily operation time for the device?
There is no maximum operation time for daily use.


  • Is the device suitable for non-certified use?
RoboGait is not suitable for non-certified use. A 2-day RoboGait User Training is provided to the users of the device by the training supervisor. At the end of the training, a User Certificate valid for one year is given to the eligible users.


  • How long is the user training?
RoboGait User Training takes two full days, theoretical training on the first day, and practical training on the second day.


  • Is the User Certificate automatically renewed at the time of expiry?
No, it is not renewed. When the User Certificate expires, Certificate Renewal Training is carried out by the Training Supervisor.


  • Who can use the device?

Physical Therapy Technicians and Physiotherapists can use the device.


  • Is it suitable for home use?

No, it is not.


  • What are the minimum dimensions of the room for the device?

5 m x 3.5 m x 2.7 m (L x W x H)

Minimum door size should be 110 cm for the device to fit in the room.


  • Do you provide technical service?

Yes, Technical Service is provided by our company.

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