R&D for many robotic rehabilitation projects continue in Bama Teknoloji and two of these projects turned into products and achieved success in domestic and foreign markets. Also the R&D studies for the next models of these products are in progress.

Besides, we always keep our products in use up-to-date. All improvements that have been achieved, tested and certified are applied on our products. Improvements and updates of the products purchased are applied in each maintenance, on site or with remote connection.

Our products on the market are robotic gait rehabilitation device RoboGait v1.1 and VisioGait with counterweight and visual motivation system.

We completed the development and tests of RoboGait v1.2 (RoboGait version enabling pelvic motion control) and production commenced.

The design of FreeGait, our exoskeleton product for gait rehabilitation and patient ambulation has been completed and CE certification process is about to be concluded and it is expected to start mass production soon.

In addition, based on the requests from METU, we conduct studies such as graduation projects with students from various departments.

Freegait project