How can I order your products?

Please contact us for the products you are interested in by checking from our website or catalogs and our professional sales team will contact you. Great technical details, suitability, and other requirements will be discussed with you. After the analyses, the product will be delivered and installed as quickly as possible. Since these are unique products and require information, we do not have online sales.

Can we see and test your products before deciding to buy?

Of course, after you contact us, our sales team will visit you and inform you about the demo product. However, the products that cannot be easily transported will be presented to you at the closest possible location (such as a contracted health center or our factory).

How long does it take to receive your products?

Our stock status is up to date on our website. Products that appear to be in stock shall be delivered to you by the cargo or the installation team. It may take several weeks for the products that are not in stock.
Our reconnaissance team must analyze your location for the installation and transport of RoboGait and VisioGait products. Even if they are in stock, dismantling, transport, and on-site installation of our tested and approved products may take more than one week. If they are not in stock, production, transportation, and installation planning shall be carried out based on the agreement.

Who can use the products, do you provide training?

Only qualified staff (physiotherapist, physician, etc.) in your organization can be trained and use the products. In BAMA Teknoloji products, training is essential for treatment efficiency and patient-operator safety. These trainings are documented with certificates and renewed at regular intervals. Please contact us for further information.

Do you provide a warranty? How is the product maintenance carried out?

All of our products are guaranteed for at least two years, and maintenance is carried out free of charge by our trained team during the warranty period. Please contact us for the terms of warranty and continuous support.

How can I buy the accessories compatible with my current product?

Even if they are not presented on the website, we can supply all the accessories in our catalogs, the most preferred accessories are available in our stocks and can be provided quickly.

A new part is required for my product/my product has a problem, what can be done?

We can supply replacement parts after you inform us about the failure or damaged component, but in many cases, we can produce more flexible solutions to the problems without replacing components. Depending on the type of failure, you may return the supplied spare part. In cases where the fault is more severe, our technical staff can carry out the on-site repair, and replacement or the product can be shipped to us and repaired in our workshops. We have trained personnel and equipment to provide technical service for all products, including imported products.

I am having trouble with the product, I cannot use it, what can I do?

You can contact us whenever necessary through the phone numbers provided. With the advantage of being local, we can help you faster than many manufacturers of the robotic rehabilitation devices in the market. Our team solves most of the problems you may experience with BAMA Teknoloji products with a remote connection to the device.