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The exoskeleton system developed to be used in walking therapy of spinal cord injury patients.

Key Features

Discover the key features of FreeGait®

Various control options

There are various control interfaces that provide control of the device by the therapist and the patient.

Advanced movement features

In addition to gait function, movements including sitting, standing, ascending and descending ramps and steps, turning to the right and left, and taking approach steps can be performed with the device.

Step lenght and Speed settings

Various steps lenght and speed options

Adjustable orthosis

FreeGait® is suitable for clinical use with its adjustable orthosis for different patient sizes.

Membrane grip control

It is designed for the physiotherapist to support the patient during therapy and for safe operation of the device.

Advanced battery system


Active Exoskeleton System
Natural and guided walking experience on the ground

It contributes to the development of balance, control and strength by enabling rehabilitation on the ground with its natural walking pattern.


The device is adjusted according to patient sizes and connections are performed.

With the help of the standing action of the device, the patient is stabilized in the standing position.

The therapy is carried out by controlling the device either by the therapist or the patient.

Product Details

Operator Controller

Membrane Grip Controller


Adjustable orthosis for different patient sizes

Crutch Controller

Composite footplate


FreeGait® includes a harness to stabilize the trunk of the patient to be compatible with the device, shoulder straps that can be used optionally according to the level of injury and pads for patient comfort. The device is equipped with operator and patient controllers, batteries and a charger.In addition to these accessories, FreeGait® can be easily transported and stored in its specially designed transport box and stand.

Gurt, Schultergurt und Polster

Transportbox und Ständer

Batterie, Ladeadapter und Kabel

Schnittstellen kontrollieren

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